Time Spirit | A Mixed Media and Altered Art

"Time Spirit"
16cm x 30.5cm
Mixed Media & Altered Art on Canvas

Time Spirit is a mixed media art piece with a touch of altered art that consist of elements and embellishments put together to form this expressive piece. Time Spirit symbolizes my love for magick and fantasy, and my curiosity for old world and new age, combined together to craft an artwork that tells a story- and it is up to you what you see in this painting.

I created Time Spirit during the early stages of our national Covid-19 lockdown. It was one of the most devastating experience and struck by uncertainty. Most of us weren't sure what to make out of this year. Those of us who had it all, lost it all. Those of us whom have made plans, had our plans cancelled. Those of us whom have made goals, pivoted. 

Perhaps I created Time Spirit because I craved escapism. My thirst for fantasy and lore heightened, I wanted adventure. I channeled my anxiety by creating an altered art that told a story. I called it Time Spirit, because even when we are lockdown physically, our minds are free to travel to fulfill our souls with creativity, magic and adventure.

I bless this precious piece, with a new home and an owner who loves magic and fantasy as much as I do.

- SL.

© Shia Lynn | Passion Driven Creative | All rights reserved.
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