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Shia Lynn is a Passion-Driven Creative who wears many hats as a Creator. She is an Intuitive Mixed Media Artist, an Arts & Craft Maven and a Content Creator. She finds joy in enabling creativity through the concept of 'Do What You Love,' because she believes that this idea allowed her to create wholeheartedly. 

Shia Lynn is often known for uplifting the arts & craft community, and for mentoring budding artists & crafters gain creative clarity. A former Copywriter, in 2015, Shia Lynn left corporate to focus on her passion and to pursue the path of a Creative. Shia Lynn still enjoys writing, but has now moved on to creating content on her arts & craft platform, and mostly on social media where she shares her journey as a passionate Creative.

Passion Projects
Shia Lynn expresses her love for all things creative through several passion projects such as:

The Artsy Craftsy

Malaysia's first arts & crafts blog that is actively involved in the local arts & craft scene and focuses on inspiring creativity through content, activities and creative services.

The Artsy Craftsy Friends
An inner circle created under the The Artsy Craftsy name for artists and crafters to support one another and to connect them to opportunities. With her knowledge and experience, Shia Lynn also offers herself as a mentor to emerging artists and crafters, especially those who are thinking of starting a new, small craft business.

Craft Affair Malaysia
Shia Lynn is also the co-Founder of Craft Affair Malaysia, a curated artisanal and handmade market to support local artisans and makers. 

Intuitive Mixed Media Artist
Shia Lynn is deeply passionate in exploring all forms of arts and crafts as part of her journey as an artist-crafter. She practices Mixed Media Art mostly in the form of intuitive painting, art journaling, fabric painting, decorative crafts and altered art. Shia Lynn is influenced by the life stories and works of her favourite artists such as Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh, and is mostly inspired by the art of magical realism and fantasy, old world and new age, oddities & curiosities, as well as, art styles like art nouveau, baroque/rococo, expressionism and arts & crafts movement.

Living an Artful Life To date, it has been more than 10 years since her involvement in the local arts and craft scene.

If you are wondering about the logo that resembles a lotus flower on the main page, it is inspired by the name Shia Lynn, which means 'Summer Lotus' in Cantonese. Born as Toh Shia Lynn, she has recently taken on her husband's name and is now known as Shia Lynn Victor, although she is mostly known as Shia Lynn or Shia among her friends or Lynn among her family.  Shia Lynn resonates with the symbolic meaning of Lotus (bloom from the muddy waters) because it represents her tough childhood and obstacles that she has experienced which contributed to her self-awakening and self-actualization journey.
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