// Education
Diploma in Mass Communications, Advertising major. Graduated from Taylor's College School of Communication Year 2005

// Field Experience
Senior Copywriter at The One Academy of Communication Design (2009-2015)

Work description:
Handling of advertising materials (in English), preparing contents for internal publication such as promotional materials and publication to external parties, as well as, press advertisements, media releases, media & public relations with journalists and editors, and overseeing the dissemination of communication content to target audience.

Da Vinci Creative Kids (2008 - 2009)

Work description:
Managing the production and development of art programmes suitable for children age 3 to 4 years old. Assisting in script writing and stepped in as voice over talent for the production of Little Da Vinci Flash Animation, working alongside the multimedia design team. Content creation for educational materials, publication and for the exposure of the brand in the areas of advertising, publishing, marketing and any corporate communication materials.

Craft Haven

Work description:

// Freelance Copwriting Experiences
2011 - Product packaging, client: L-Ca360 health food
2012 - Website, client: Beloved Diamond
2012 - Marketing material, client: Connectors DUMC
2012 - Product packaging, client: Fucoxanthin health food
2012 - Event (Journey of Sight) and marketing materials, client: Save Ones Sight Mission
2012 - Product packaging, client: Simple+ health food
2012 - Marketing material, in collaboration with graphic designer for client: Vertex Calendar
2013 - Ghostwriter for Malaysian celebrity hair stylist's biography titled 'When Dreams Come Alive', client: Albert Nico
2013 - Marketing material, client: Austin Business Park
2013- Product packaging, client: FARM32 health food
2013 - Ghostwriter for graphic designer titled Life and Travel Journal 2013, client: Miao Sum, Laon
2013 - Marketing material, client: Cintaku Bakery
2013 - Website writing, client: StephCreativ
2013 - Marketing material, client: Dialogue in the Dark
2014 - Brand / Brand name copywriting, client: Sitnature
2014 - Furniture catalogue, client: TF Home Design
2014- Company profile, client: Sakti Marindo Jaya
2014 - Company profile and Product packaging, client: Casahana - HYT Food
2014 - Company profile, client: Kreation
2014 - Website, corporate profile and marketing material, client: Reng College / Reng Corporation
2014 - Website and App, client: Kitchen Right
2014 - Experimental art & design exhibition in Penang, in collaboration with 10 artists & graphic designers, project titled: Momentary Lost, Permanently Found
2015 - Company profile, client: Studio 928
2015 - Proofreading and editing for book 'RECHARGED' by client: Dickson Pua
2015 - Website, client: Sha Wealth Planners
2015 - Website, client: TF Home Design
2015 to 2016 - Contributing writer for, client:
2016 - Artist profile, client: Emily Chong
2016 - Social media, client: Sime Darby LGPA
2016 - Proofreading and editing for book ' The Image Factor' by client: Teresa Dian Chew
2016 - Brochure, client: Sitnature
2016 - Website and Social media, client: Stamp2u
2017 - Proofreading and editing for book 'A Community Doctor in Miri' by client: Dr. Faizul Mansoor
2018 - Ghostwriter for Financial Advisor biography/guidebook titled 'Best Job in the World' (discontinued)

// Currently
- Founder & Creative Director of The Artsy Craftsy
- Mixed Media Artist
- Art Educator
- co-Founder of Uniquely Henna MY
- co-Founder and Event Organizer of The Craft Affair
- Creator & Moderator of Arts & Crafts Lounge Malaysia, Facebook Community Group

// Additional Certification
- Fabric Painting, Teacher's Programme, Pebeo France (2005)
- International Academy of Colour Consciousness, Colour Psycho-Spiritual Studies, Level 1 (2011)
- International Academy of Colour Consciousness, Colour Psycho-Spiritual Studies, Level 2 (2013)

// Achievements
- Top 10 Finalist in DiGi WWWOW Awards 2014, Content Category
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