Meet Shia Lynn, Toh

// About
Shia Lynn, Toh is a professional creative entrepreneur that wears many hats in her creative trade.

She is a professional copywriter behind Shia Lynn CREATIVE, a creative copywriting consulting service, and has many years of experience including collaboration with several talented graphic designers for exclusive projects. 

In 2015, Shia Lynn left her full time job to focus on her passion as a founder and editor of The Artsy Craftsy, a Malaysian creative lifestyle online media platform that celebrates creativity, artisans, art & design and handmade since 2008. She is also the maker and designer of The Artsy Craftsy's own product line called T.A.C Shop.

// Industry Experience
- A graduate in Advertising, Mass Communications

- 10 years of working experience that consist of retail, administration, teaching in children's arts and language education and copywriting in freelance and a higher education's in house design firm; The One Academy of Communication Design.

- A trained and certified fabric panting teacher, under the certificate of fabric painting teacher's programme by Pebeo, France.

- A certificate in colour-psycho spiritual studies (healing arts and colours) by International Academy of Colour Consciousness (Level 1 and 2)

- Shia Lynn is a self-taught artist and crafter. 

// Symbolism
A name is assigned to someone to specify a particular individual while identifying his or her characteristics. Therefore, naming this website's domain after her own name simply represents her own personality and interest as mentioned above. In Chinese, her name 'Shia Lynn' literally means 'Summer Lotus';  in some parts of her website or work, one might come across an image of a lotus flower incorporated in a logo designed to represent her name. The colours in black and white symbolizes her two worlds as a writer and an artist; her motto Balance, Create, Express represent her beliefs as a creative person. 

// Ventures
- Founder, Editor and Content Creator of The Artsy Craftsy

- Maker and Designer of T.A.C Shop

- Keeper of T.A.C Studio

- Co-founder of Uniquely Henna MY

- Co-founder and Event Organizer of The Craft Affair

- Founder and Moderator of Arts & Crafts Lounge

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