About Shia Lynn

Shia Lynn is a creative who believes that art heals. While embarking on a self-discovery journey in her early 20's, Shia Lynn found herself exploring the combination of healing with art, creativity & mindfulness. By doing what she loved, she realized that it helped her remember her inner child.

In 2008, Shia Lynn created The Artsy Craftsy to document her creative exploration. It started off as a blog, after noticing the lack of local platforms to support the local art & handmade community. As the Creator of The Artsy CraftsyShia Lynn single-handedly spearheaded the blog into a platform that covers the creative arts, DIY crafts and handmade in Malaysia. In 2015, Shia Lynn left her position as a Copywriter to focus on her passion.

Rooted in Creative Magick.

A self-taught artist, Shia Lynn enjoys exploring with different artistic mediums to embody it into her artworks. Shia Lynn is inspired by the art and life of Frida Kahlo and Vincent Van Gogh, and is deeply fascinated with psychology and human behaviour, as well as, modern magick and mystical and nature elements. She works with mostly mixed media, pen and ink and pyrography- wood burning art.

“ For me, I always believed Creativity and Living are interconnected. I find that, we are able to discover meaningful life lessons through the process of art making- which is why I enjoy holding space for people to connect with their inner-self. Art expresses my inner voice, and each process that I experience reflects the different phases of my creative journey. As an artist, I am inquisitive and I love play. When we are in the state of awe & wonder, we channel our inner-child most easily. And it is usually when I am inspired by all things magical & natural and all things known and unknown that brings balance to this world.” 

No stranger to the arts and crafts field, Shia Lynn's journey took place 15 years ago when she started her first, fabric painting side hustle called Knick Knacks while majoring in Advertising in college, and then renamed it to Painted On Enterprise in 2005 when she expanded from painting on t-shirts to hand-painted bridal wear & evening gowns, and even had her first, two wearable art fashion shows. 

A Creative Conduit...

Even without a "classically-trained" art background, it didn't stop Shia Lynn from pursuing her passion by taking up certificate training courses and field experience to further herself.  Shia Lynn holds a Certificate in Therapeutic Art Life Coaching and a Teacher's Certificate in Fabric Painting by Pebeo, France. 

With more than 10 years of her active involvement, Shia Lynn has offered guidance and advice to several small artists & crafters in her consultations. She has also been featured in various local press & media, appeared on local talk shows and as a panelist, and was invited as a guest judge for art competitions.

// Training & Certification
2005 - Fabric Painting, Teacher's Programme, Pebeo Franc
2011 - International Academy of Colour Consciousness, Finding Your Essense Through Colours, Level 1
2013 - International Academy of Colour Consciousness, Colour Psycho-Spiritual Studies, Level 2, 2013
2022 - Transformation Academy, Certified Therapeutic Art Life Coach (Accredited)
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