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Guiding Creative Souls to Heal with Art

There is a creator energy in us waiting to emerge. We think that we are non-creative, but the truth is, it is just a mindset conditioning that we were taught to believe growing up. Instead, I would like to think that some of us may not know HOW to access our creativity just yet- and this is where I can help you.

What is Sacred Creativity?

Sacred Creativity is a programme that combines life coaching and intuitive art, designed to help facilitate breakthroughs, inner child healing activation and identifying the root cause of our limiting beliefs- all through the power of healing art. Sacred Creativity explores integral approach of holistic modalities and uses intuitive art making and intuitive painting as the key tool for unlocking our intuition. Learn tools to help you with your well being and cognitive reframing.

As I hold this sacred space for you, my GOAL is to help live your truth by providing you the tools to reshape your relationship with your self.

*Side note: Although this is not included, but I can also cover aspects of mentoring new art & handmade business owners by request. I can help identify your blockages and co-create solutions together so that you may be able to find clarity for your small business goals. 

What is Intuitive Painting?

Intuitive Painting is a healing art process is to assist with letting go of fear and expectations, and a form of play to allow us to communicate with our inner child. This painting process allow your higher self to reveal to you the message that you need to thrive in your journey.

While you learn how to let the colours the flow, and explore beyond-the-rules techniques, you will also learn how to access your feeling mind (intuition) and break limiting beliefs that have held you back from pursuing your passion. 

Truth be told- you will need to experience the magick of intuitive painting in person. It is not about what you create, but what you unravel with it.

Craft Your Life!

This session benefits those who are looking to overcome their creative traumas; whether you're an experienced artist looking for a breakthrough, or someone in need of a safe space for exploring their subconscious and abilities. Together we will:

  • Identify your emotional blockages and limiting beliefs.
  • Identify your traumas, triggers and fears.
  • Overcoming over-thinking and self-doubt
  • Learn shadow work and how to shine light on them.
  • Learn how to develop a relationship with your inner child
  • Learn how to access your Creator energy
  • Learn how to access your intuition
  • Integration: from lessons to practice.

Suitable for:
  • Experienced/Amateur artists
  • Creative Hobbyists
  • Empaths, Intuitives and Seekers
  • Individuals who are looking to improve their mental health & emotional well-being.


RM480 (For 4 Sessions. RM400 for renewing session)

1 hour per session | Online and In Person depending on session.


Ready to reclaim your creative power? 

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*Coaching is 2-way communication that requires both parties to cooperate. It is highly encouraged that you sign up for the free consultation session to evaluate our synergy. 

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