Classes & Workshops

Therapeutic Art to Help You Access Your Creative Energy

Art & Creativity are the same, yet different.

We are all born with the ability to create. Unfortunately, we have been conditioned to think that we are not, but to focus on the result not the process. Most of us were also conditioned to believe one must be an artist to be qualified to be creative. 

My purpose here is to help you see beyond art & creativity and how you can tap into your intuition to access your creative energy to live your fullest potential.

Group Workshops for Adults

*Suitable for studio collaborations, corporate activities and team building

For a large number of pax, please enquire for group rates.

Embrace Your Inner Artist: Tap into Your Intuition with Intuitive Painting

Who it isnt for?

This is not your typical painting class, and we're not here to teach you how to draw. This session is all about helping you connect with your true self while unlocking your inner creativity by expressing it on canvas using the intuitive painting approach.

Who is it for?

If you are looking on how to access your creative intuition and tap into a state of playfulness that will set your artistic instincts free, then this session is for you. I will show you how to break through any creative blockages you may have and guide you as you explore the use of colors, textures, feelings, sound, and sensation to create stunning visual expressions.

How can this class benefit you?

I will show you universal tools and methods used to unlock your gifts. You will also learn how to trust your artistic vision, discarding what no longer serves you and translate it into visuals using comprehensive artistic techniques. By the end of the workshop, you'll have gained a new level of creative confidence and a deeper connection to yourself.

RM180/pax  for 2 and 1/2 hours

Currently available on monthly 

basis in-person at MTMT Studios

Guided Therapeutic Art Jam

Theme: Fantasy Moon Art

A focus-on-the-fun kind of art process for experience seekers who wants to enjoy being an expressive artist for a day in this non-technical, but guided painting activity.

RM120/pax for 2 hours

"My creative classes and workshops are designed to help you develop a better understanding of your relationship between yourself and creativity as a whole through the methods of creative mindfulness, play, and exploration to elevate the quality of your personal growth." - Shia Lynn.

Full Course

Divine Art Soul: Transforming the Inner Artist (Coming Soon)

 The ultimate creative class that you need to access your creative abilities that you don't even know that you have. This class is designed to help individuals:

• Develop the courage to create and make art

Expand your creative skills

Learn how to find your art style by breaking creative boundaries

Learn how to access your intuition and turn them into inspirations

Learn how to identify your emotions and colours that are connected with it

• Experiment with various types of art tools & supplies

• Explore mark-making, meditative art & textures with guided freedom

A 3-Day Programme

Words from Past Students

The session with Shia Lynn today was just the therapy that I needed. It was lovely to just sit and be in silence thinking about the qualities, values, and attributes I would like to manifest in my life. Thank you Shia Lynn for agreeing to share this with my students and I. 

- Valerie Dombey, Intuitive Art Vision Board Workshop

I can't get over what a relaxed event we had with Shia Lynn on Intuitive Art Journaling. It helped open my mind to the concept of 'letting go' and let art take over. I learnt to trust my instincts and go with the flow.  Shia Lynn's insight into overcoming obstacles and blocks made the process so very relatable. I would definitely recommend giving her programme a go - whether you are beginning your artistic journey, trying to overcome blocks, want a fun activity with friends. 

- Rebecca Lawrence, Intuitive Mark Making Journal Workshop

I've experienced one of Shia Lynn's Mixed Media classes. I've found her to be very warm, patient, and helpful by providing her individual guidance to each of us in the class. She could intuitively sense what is my style and guided me in the right direction. Obviously, a very experienced craftist who is also a lovely people person! 

- Ai Jou, Mixed Media Workshop

I was feeling stuck in work and as an artist. I came to the intuitive art journaling class as a change in pace. It was a fun experience, I learn to turn mental myths into positive action, embrace the creative journey and the joy of experimenting with various mediums. After doing some art journalling of my own after class, glad to say I got my "spark". Thank you for all your help Shia Lynn! 

- Alice Lee, Intuitive Mark Making Journal Workshop

"The teacher assists you from the start to the end to ensure that you get the most out of your private sessions and she is quite intuitive, so it is really easy and fun to work with her as long as you are open to receiving the knowledge. I enjoyed putting in pieces of images and symbols that came into my mind after the short meditation session into a basic sketch before we dwelled further into the meanings behind those images. The discussions were deep and meditative in nature and there is a beautiful song that plays in the background to assist the creative process. Ultimately, the intuitive art session revealed the key message from the universe which I should ponder about. This experience is certainly unique and will vary for every individual. As for me, I would definitely take it up again for relaxation."

- Syamini Segaran, Intuitive Painting Workshop