Creating Rising Lotus, a Small Art

The Making of Rising Lotus a Small Painting

Small Art or Small Paintings, can sometimes be beneficial to aspiring or seasoned artists. There are plenty of advantages when working with small canvases. 

I have come to learned that small paintings are great for exploration and art experiments. It isn't overwhelming and if you do ever make mistakes, you can always cover it up with gesso or revamp it into something else. Not forgetting, small canvases are affordable to purchase from your local art supply stores.

I painted Rising Lotus intuitively. I was going through an exploration phase myself, and was looking for a subject that I might resonate with and perhaps something that I can "specialise" in. But in this process, I learned that I am too passionate and adventurous when it comes to art making to be tied down to one thing. However, I did notice my style of painting and my most used colours on my palette.

"Rising Lotus"
Shia Lynn Victor
18 x 24 cm
Acrylic on Canvas

// An intuitive creator and a facilitator of creative breakthroughs, Shia Lynn lives a creative life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with her husband and cats. She enjoys home organising, decluterring and art journaling, and loves all things magickal and mystical. Shia Lynn offers intuitive art classes, workshops and private therapeutic art life coaching sessions. Shia Lynn also curates the local art & handmade scene on her platform, The Artsy Craftsy, and co-organizes artisanal markets called The Craft Affair. Email
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