Painting on a Japanese Kimono | A Fabric Painting Project

The Making of a Hand-painted Japanese Kimono, a Commissioned Project.

Kimonos are beautiful! In the local community, I noticed that there was an increase in preloved Kimonos sold in bundles. The younger crowd loved them, perhaps because of how comfortable it is to wear them with almost anything. Kimonos are very versatile these days- it is no longer just a traditional outfit.

I was pretty excited when a friend of a friend's who owned a local preloved online store called Charmed Vintage approached me to paint on one of her kimonos as a test. 

I would take any opportunity I can get to be able to play and explore.

The kimono I received is a bit of a sheer material, yet satin. It was not easy to paint on it, because the fabric kept moving about. Nonetheless, it was also very fun to do!

To paint on fabric, I used Pebeo Setacolour's silver opaque, and some of SoSoft's pearl white and silver too.

SoSoft fabric paints really live up to it's name. It is literally 'so soft'! 

Despite holding a certificate in fabric painting, I don't think I paint on fabric as often as I used to anymore. There was a time I used to teach fabric painting, but it has been awhile since I did. I have had thoughts of bringing it back again, perhaps as a package in a future creative course that I have plans in creating. We shall see where this leads us, I believe the universe will lead the way.

// An intuitive creator and a facilitator of creative breakthroughs, Shia Lynn lives a creative life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with her husband and cats. She enjoys home organising, decluterring and art journaling, and loves all things magickal and mystical. Shia Lynn offers intuitive art classes, workshops and private therapeutic art life coaching sessions. Shia Lynn also curates the local art & handmade scene on her platform, The Artsy Craftsy, and co-organizes artisanal markets called The Craft Affair. Email
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