Intuitive Art and Collage: A Conscious Art Making Workshop

A Therapeutic Art Workshop at MEREKA Space, Publika, Mont Kiara.

Manifesting your goals can be very powerful when you establish it out loud and proud. Early 2023, I set out to make sure that it was going to be the year that I finally embrace my creative practice as a Therapeutic Art Practitioner. I told myself that I am finally ready to full stand in my own creative power and pursue what I was always wanted to do. 

I looked back, and it wasn't that I didn't have the guts to offer my services as an authority in my own space, but it was all about timing to show itself to me that this is it- this is the time to do it. 

I am glad I listened to it because when I established it out openly that I was going to do this, things started happening for me the way it was meant to. Very naturally, I was immediately recognized for my skills and knowledge, because working with intuitive art and facilitating breakthroughs was always something that I was very good with already. 

I received an offer from my collaborators in the scene- Mereka, a community space for creatives, to conduct a therapeutic art workshop at their networking event called Theraparty. 

I have to admit- it was a blast! At first I was nervous because it was for more than 40 people and it has been awhile since I have conducted a session for such a big group since the lockdown happened. 

To quote my best bud, she said, "You are finally back in your element!"

I started off the session with a self-introduction and sharing a little bit of my experience in coping with mental health. The crowd consist of majority young work adults of the newer generation, so I was pretty impressed to see how open they are to admitting and acknowledging their own struggles with mental health. 

As always I helped the crowd to loosen up with a guided meditation. 

They were required to consciously, yet intuitively create with the materials and supplies that they already have. 

When it comes to intuitive art making, these are my top reminders:

1. Create with what you already have because art materials don't need to be expensive.
2. Observe your surroundings because inspiration is around us.
3. Don't overthink it- let your heart guide you, not your gut.
4. Create intuitively and be mindful of our own thought process of expecting results.

It is very common for us to be result-oriented, which is why I work with intuitive art as a tool to help us create that cohesive balance in our thought process.

Towards the end of the session, we all had a very good laugh when I handpicked participants to share their creative process. I personally think that laughter often pairs well with art making. It brings out the inner child in us.

If you would like to have similar therapeutic art workshops for your event or company, hit me up!

// An intuitive creator and a facilitator of creative breakthroughs, Shia Lynn lives a creative life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with her husband and cats. She enjoys home organising, decluterring and art journaling, and loves all things magickal and mystical. Shia Lynn offers intuitive art classes, workshops and private therapeutic art life coaching sessions. Shia Lynn also curates the local art & handmade scene on her platform, The Artsy Craftsy, and co-organizes artisanal markets called The Craft Affair. Email
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