Spark Your Fire: Staying Creative and Motivated No Matter What

5 Tips to Stay Creative and Motivated

Let's face it, we all use social media. We all do. We hate it, we love it, we rely on it, we are hook on it- we have to admit- we do spend too much time on it. When we do, we tend to give attention to other's people lives and fixate on what they are doing and their lives, but we forgot that we too have lives to live.

My passion project with The Artsy Craftsy was initially suppose to be a place for me to reconnect with my creative side. I was busy working a 9-5 job that I was experiencing burn out and forgot the joys of having an interest. I find that, when we don't remember the things we love, it is kind of like forgetting a part of ourselves. 

As the blog took off, it became a part of me and my identity. Eventually, I left my corporate job to focus on expanding it. I thought that, that was the answer and along the way, I still experienced losing the creative spark. 

I truly do enjoy what I do, but sometimes when we are engrossed with the expectations that we have given ourselves while trying to control the outcome of things, we forget the state of gratitude and play. To continue to be in that state does require some form of self-discipline as it doesn't just come in a snap of a finger when you wake up every morning. 

It is important for those of us who are in the creative field, to continue to live that creative spark. Personally, I think this could be one of the answers to living a happy life.

When I realized this the other day, I told myself that it is time I find my self again. To go up, one must unlearn and make way for new experiences. Sometimes, the way to that realization is down up.

So, if you find yourself going through creative block, here are some tips that came through:

Cut down on spending time and energy on social media. 

I know that scrolling feed, after feed, after feed can be addictive, but don't make social media your only world. Read a book, surf for arts craft ideas, journal or watch TV; anything that will keep you from being overly glued to your phone.

Go on a social media fast before it turns into a social media anxiety.

 I have come across people who compare themselves to others and influencers. In a big picture, the only person you need to seek approval from is yourself. So, stay focus on your work, instead of trying to win the highest number of likes. It is not a race.

Journal everyday

Making time for things like journaling is a healthy practice of self-reflection. I am sure that you have heard this countless of times that writing, making art or having some creative interest helps with self-motivation.

Take up a motivational challenge 

Personally, I find morning pages a good motivational challenge. Or perhaps writing down one gratitude a day, practice mobile photography (Instagram is the best platform), or a sketch a day. Whatever works for you.

Exercise your imagination 

I love watching movies! Some might say I watch too much TV, but to me, movies are a form of story-telling and it is a manifestation of an imagination come to life. I love movies and I enjoy books. I collect classic fairy tales and storybooks with beautiful illustrations. I think that these are the things that keep me in touch with my inner child, and whenever I am, it sparks my creativity.

In anything that we do, we can easily lose a part of ourselves if we do not practice balance and stepping back to observe ourselves. However, the lesson here is to make space for finding ourselves again and again, and creating balance to stay creative and motivated.

// An intuitive creator and a facilitator of creative breakthroughs, Shia Lynn lives a creative life in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia with her husband and cats. She enjoys home organising, decluterring and art journaling, and loves all things magickal and mystical. Shia Lynn offers intuitive art classes, workshops and private therapeutic art life coaching sessions. Shia Lynn also curates the local art & handmade scene on her platform, The Artsy Craftsy, and co-organizes artisanal markets called The Craft Affair. Email
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