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Illuminate Your Happiness with Expressive Art and Creativity Classes in Shah Alam.

Stress less, create more! Unleash your creativity, and explore new passions.

Art & Creativity are the same, yet different. We are all born with the ability to create. 

We have been conditioned to think that we are not, but to focus on the result not the process. 

Most of us were also conditioned to believe one must be an artist to be qualified to be creative. 

My purpose here is to help you see beyond techniques, beyond form and beyond the brush; and how you can tap into your intuition to access your creative energy to live your fullest potential.

Art Journal Toolbox
Discover Beginner's Art Journaling Techniques for Everyone

Art Journaling is all about discovering your own style, while celebrating the beauty of imperfection and unleashing your inner creative spirit.

In this class, you will learn:

-The basics of art journaling and what you need to know

- How to document your art exploration

-Different types of tools and materials

-Different types of journaling 

-Mixed Media, Mark Making and Collaging

- Creativity techniques and composition

and much more!

You will learn various mixed media techniques and ideas to create your own visual narratives within the pages of your art journal. We will explore the power of layering, collaging and mark making to transform a blank page into your own creative playground.

With vibrant colours, playful textures, and artistic freedom, you will break through traditional art mindset, and pick up spontaneous expression. 

RM380 (Buy 2 classes for RM600 )

Private Class for 1 pax | Duration: 2 1/2 hours

Inclusive of Snacks + Tools, materials and supplies provided.

Group Workshops

*Suitable for studio collaborations, corporate activities and team building for a large number of pax, please enquire for my auditorium pricing.

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