Unleash Employee Creativity and Well-Being: Therapeutic Art Activities for Companies.

Boost morale, reduce stress, and spark new ideas with engaging therapeutic art workshops in your office.

Is your team feeling drained or uninspired? Perhaps you would like to introduce a culture that supports wellness. Let's get creative! Our therapeutic art activities bring fun, focus and connection to Kuala Lumpur and Selangor workplaces, helping employees de-stress, re-energize, PLAY and unlock their hidden potential. 

In a group large group setting, I specialize in offering expressive art making exercises as well as integrating them with self-regulation tools. 


Reduce stress and boost well-being: 
Therapeutic art techniques are proven to lower cortisol and helps with burnout. 
Plus, PLAY improves mood.

Enhance creativity and problem solving: 
Help your employees breakthrough mental and emotional blocks in a relaxed
 setting with self-regulation tools.

Strengthen collective energy: 
Creating in a group setting fosters trust and understanding.

Boost employee morale and engagement: 
Invest in your team's happiness and cultivate self-growth.

Choose from the Available Workshop Titles
  • PaperPlay Expressive Collage Workshop
  • Theme: Gratitude and Grace
  • Using collage art as a tool, this workshop enables participants to recognise their own skills, abilities and uniqueness and how they can empower themselves to stand in their power.
  • Intuitive Art Drawing Workshop
  • Theme: Breaking Limiting Beliefs
  • Also known as automatic drawing, this workshop is a meditative art experience that focuses on the creative process, instead of the result. This experience enables participant to recognise the self-talk in the process, and take control of their own creativity.
  • Vision Board Making Workshop
  • Theme: Like a Phoenix, Rise from the Ashes
  • This workshops promotes the idea that we are always evolving and changing. Participants will learn how to design their own vision board that include steps or actions that they can take to get to their goals.
We provide materials, with facilitators included to your office.

*Classroom teaching style. Suitable for corporate activities and team building. For large groups, please enquire for my auditorium pricing.

Suitable for Corporate Activities such as:
  • Team Building
  • Private Media Events, Retreat, Family Day, etc.
  • Experience / Event Marketing
  • Personal Development / Mental Health sessions

Let's craft an experience together! Contact me for a consultation and discover your together we can bring our therapeutic art activities to your workplace.
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